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Funkitty Twist ‘n Treat Cat Toy

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Manufacturer: Petsafe



The Funkitty Twist ‘n Treat is a 2 piece adjustable treat dispenser perfect for any kind of dry food, treats or catnip.

Made with an adjustable opening to fit a variety of different sized treats inside, the toy can be twisted wider for easier access to the treats, or twisted tighter to make it more difficult to get the treats for a longer playtime.

Fill the Funkitty Twist ‘n Treat with your cat’s meal or favourite treats, and watch them roll, twist and shake the toy for hours to get to the delicious rewards inside.

Key Features:

  • Simply stuff, close and adjust
  • Hours of stimulating play for your cat


  • For cats of any size
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only

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Tracy Grant
November 2012

One of my cats has a biscuit dispensing ball that he empties every night without fail so I thought this disc shaped one might be a good addition that he'd enjoy. The two halves of the disc come apart and then you fill it with biscuits (it doesn't hold a huge amount however) then screw the halves back together loosely to make it easy and tighter to make it harder to get the biscuits out. I tried both settings and drawing attention to it by making it spin but he's never touched it and always goes back to his big old ball dispenser instead. If you can get your cat to use it however it is a fun way to provide treats and gives them a bit of a mental workout trying to figure out how to get the food out.