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Nite 'n' Day Cat Feather Dangler

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Manufacturer: Sharples & Grant



The Nite 'n' Day Cat Feather Dangler is an incredibly fun and amusing toy that your cat will love to play with. The glow in the dark ball allows the fun to carry on into the night and the ball's internal bell is sure to entertain your feline friend!

This adorable cat dangler has brightly coloured feathers and string for added interest and will provide your pet with hours of chasing and grabbing fun.

The long handle allows you to play with your cat without the risk of being scratched in the process!

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Ms B Maki

I generally agree with the reviewer below - this product can break pretty easily but is not too expensive. In our case, the jingle-bell-plastic-ball is broke in half, so I taped it back together and it is once again a hit with my energetic kittens.

Georgia Dawson

This is a good toy, but my kitten snapped the string very quickly. Good for the price.