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Kong Active Swizzle Bird Teaser

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Manufacturer: Kong



Kong Active Swizzle Bird Teaser will provide your cat with hours of pure feline fun with its furry body and long legs. Designed with no unsafe metal pieces or small strings to swallow. Leopard print design material is 100% machine washable while overall length of toy is 54" including an 18" stick.

The Kong Active Swizzle Bird Teaser, has a feather tip that can be replaced and/or removed simply by detaching used feathers from velcro fastening.

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Jekaterina Loginova

This toy 6 months iin is still there (apart from the feathery end), cats loved it. They still play with it occasionally.

Morrigan Palmer Brown

My cats are a bit hit and miss with toys but this one was an instant success. Even the grumpy one attacks it and plays with abandon. The toy itself appears to be safe for them (no nasty sharp bits) and should last a good long time. Even with frequent "killing". Happy.

J. Healey

All of my cats enjoy play time with this toy. It's flexible and very durable indeed. Even with sustained and vigorous play, my Dr Noy's Swizzle toy has not shown signs of wear - even after several months of daily cat exposure! Well worth the price.