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Feliscratch by Feliway

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Manufacturer: Ceva



Feliscratch by Feliway is a unique solution to redirect scratching to a desired location or to encourage a newly adopted cat(s) to use a scratching post.

Scratching, while a normal behaviour in cats to mark territory and keep their nails trim, can also be a sign of anxiety due to changes in the environment or conflicts with other cats.

Feliscratch works by combining three key ingredients that work in synergy.

  • Blue Colouring – So that you can create lines that mimic the visual message (lacerations) of the scratches
  • Catnip – To attract your cat to the area/post you wish them to scratch on
  • Pheromones – A synthetic copy of the pheromone message that directs scratching to the surface where it has been applied.

How to Use:
Simply apply Feliscratch slowly onto your cat’s scratching post by drawing 2 or 3 lines every time as follows:

  • 1 pipette daily during the first week
  • 1 pipette at the beginning of week 3 and week 4

If your cat is still scratching in undesirable areas at the end of week 2, Feliway Classic Spray can also be applied to the areas where scratching is unwanted.


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