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VBS Calming Liquid Supplement 120ml

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Manufacturer: VBS Direct



VBS Calming Liquid Supplement is ideal for cats and small dogs as a means calming anxious and aggressive pets naturally, effectively and safely.

This innovative supplement boasts a highly palatable, salmon formula to ease administration.

The soothing formula contains pharmaceutical-grade L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid which is converted to serotonin in the brain.

Also present is Chamellia sinesis extract, valerian root and ashwaganda, which also help to relax your pet.


  Acute Dose* Maintenance Dose
Cat/Small Dog
(under 10kg)
4ml 2ml twice a day with meals
(10 - 20kg)
8ml 4ml twice a day with meals
*Give 30-60 minutes before needed. (e.g. vet visits, separation anxiety etc.)

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Barbara Burrows
March 2015

Absolutely amazing stuff, really effective. I've tried other products and none made any difference, but after just 3 days on this my little dog really is much calmer and less anxious. I see it's 'sold out' at the moment - please get some more, I'd hate to be without it now I've tried it!