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Van Ness Trackless Cat Litter Mat LM1

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Manufacturer: Van Ness

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The Van Ness Trackless Cat Litter Mat features a textured vinyl surface which helps remove excess litter from your cat's paws as they exit the litter box.

Fits all Van Ness Enclosed Cat Pans and most others. Save your rugs and your floors with this litter matt. Colours may vary.

Dimensions: 13 3/4'' x 17'' x 5/8''

Reviews Overall rating: (3.3 of 5)

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Monika Knezevic

Good product but should be bigger so cats can't avoid it. It does reduce mess though.

Kiera Beckwith

We use this with a Van Ness enclosed cat litter tray and it is very good at catching the litter from their paws as they leave. Also easy to pick up and shake the collected litter off into the bin with no mess. I agree with the other review though, it is pointless in an open litter tray without a lid, as the cats will just walk around it. NB it says colours may vary. I was delivered a cream coloured mat.

Emma Anderson

Bought a few months back hoping that it would stop the trail of litter around my flat. This has made no difference what so ever. If it was 5-6 foot long then it may work but being so short the cats just jump over it. A complete waste of money in my opinion.