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Worlds Best Cat Litter 12.7Kg - From £35.72

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Worlds Best Cat Litter 12.7Kg

Worlds Best Cat Litter 12.7Kg big image

Manufacturer: Worlds Best


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Ultra Clumping Organic Cat Litter by World's Best is a 100% natural, biodegradable cat litter.

Made from whole-kernel corn with a superior odour control, Organic Clumping Cat Litter will stay fresher for longer, restricting bad odours from spreading in your home.

Due to the nature of the litter, it is safe to flush down a conventional toilet, meaning less household wastage; alternatively it can be added into any compost bin.

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Lucinda Dymoke White
November 2016

This IS excellent, that you can, just put poohs IN the loo and flush them. However, the litter IS NOT good with liquid!

J H Barclay
July 2012

I have been using WBCL for just over a year now and it is the best I have found so far. It clumps very well and I like the fact that it can just be flushed away. I don't find that it smells at all, but a friend of mine did not like smell - it is vaguely sweet and can smell sort of like baby powder combined with what comes out of babies when cats have moved their bowels. It does track a bit, but I have fitted carpets throughout the house and I have never found it further afield than just outside the bathroom door. I used to find the old clay clumping litter every where! So, it's not perfect, but my cats like it and it is better than anything else I have tried.

Julie Mcfarlane
September 2011

This is the worst cat litter I've ever used. It tracks terribly, so much so that I thought I was on a beach when I got up this morning! The cat had only used it for one night & the smell was not masked at all. When I tried to flush a clump of poo down the toilet it clogged up my loo & took me 20 mins to unblock with a spoon scooping the litter out!! I got 24 hours from an expensive bag & have gone back to breeder select which is not perfect but a lot better than thus awful stuff!!

Karen Rushton
July 2011

Have used lots of different cat litters. This is the one I keep coming back to. Clumps well, no smells and does not leave a dust trail like some other cat litters.

Barbara Golding
May 2011

Gets carried all over the house on cat's paws, and I have a sneaking suspicion the corn-based litter was responsible for an influx of field mice, as I regularly found their droppings in the litter tray. Leastways, the mice have gone now I am using another litter. (You don't expect my cats to CATCH the mice, do you? ;))