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Bob Martin Felight Anti-Bacterial Litter Crystals 4.2 Litres

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Manufacturer: Bob Martin



Bob Martin Anti-Bacterial Litter Crystals 4.2 Litres is a revolutionary concept of traditional cat litter.

With a uniquely high capacity for absorbance that allows the crystals to trap in bad odours, these Litter Crystals prevent bacterial growth while ensuring that your cat's tray stays clean and fresh all day long.

For better, long lasting and odour free litter, Bob Martin Litter Crystals are the perfect choice!

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Andi Jackson

I tried this for my cats, I wasn't sure if they would use it but mixed with a little bit of there old litter had no problems, I was quite pleased with it as I didn't notice any usual nasty odours, so I would use this again, although to be honest I prefer the aloe vera litter as that was brilliant!