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OH Bowl for Cats (Green)

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Manufacturer: Sharples & Grant



The OH Bowl for Cats is a feeding bowl that has been specially designed to target hairballs, bad breath and oral health.

Designed with fine rubber teeth that will help to encourage licking during every meal by trapping food, any fur already on the tongue should also be lifted and trapped by the rubber teeth before the cat has a chance to ingest it.

These rubber teeth also effectively scrape across the cat’s tongue, cleaning it and reducing the odour-causing bacteria that causes bad breath.

Key Features:

  • Removes loose hair from the cat’s tongue
  • Cleans and removes odour causing bacteria
  • Leads to healthier teeth and gums
  • Dishwasher safe

Internal Diameter: 13.5cm
Base Diameter: 15cm
Contents: Suitable for up to 1 cup/250ml of dry or wet food

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