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Unipet Suet To Go Suet Pellets for Birds (Berry) 12.75kg

Unipet Suet To Go Suet Pellets for Birds (Berry) 12.75kg  big image
Unipet Suet To Go Suet Pellets for Birds (Berry) 12.75kg  thumbnail

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Manufacturer: Unipet


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Unipet Suet To Go Suet Pellets (Berry) are high energy snacks for your garden birds to enjoy all year round.

Made with high levels of fat and essential nutrients to help keep birds in good health throughout the year, Suet To Go Pellets are 100% edible and will leave no waste or mess.

Suitable for use in a feeder or on a bird table, these Unipet Suet Pellets, with their bright pink colour and delicious berry recipe, will be sure to attract a wide range of wild birds to your garden.


Wheat Flour, Beef Fat (21%), Wheat Starch, Peanut Flour. Additives: Colourant, Berry Flavour

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Debbie Mciver

These small pellets are great for either putting loose on bird tables or inside bird feeders. These large bulk bags are great if you want to feed your birds lots of them or all year round, as I do. They are good value for money and compliment other Suet to Go products such as the suet logs. I buy all 3 flavours and store them in a large dustbin. My birds love them and clear the bird table before the day is out!