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Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets 45g

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Manufacturer: Hikari

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Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets are Multi-coloured, granulated pellets providing superior nutrition for tetras, barbs and other small-mouthed tropical fish.

Contains red, green and yellow granules each with different indispensable nutrients your fish require.

  • Red Granules - Animal origin Granules Include high quality fish meal and well balanced amino acids offering excellent palatability.
  • Green Granules - Plant origin Granules- High in plant matter and dietary fibre which helps maintain healthy growth rates.
  • Yellow Granules - Vitamin & mineral Granules - Helps reduce stress while activating the immune system to reduce the chances of disease.

A semi-floating food, ideal for surface and mid-water feeders, that will not cloud your aquarium water.


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