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API 7 Day Holiday Pyramid Fish Feeder

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Manufacturer: Aquarian



The API 7 Day Holiday Pyramid Fish Feeder successfully supplies the dietary needs of aquarium fish when the hobbyist isn't available to manually feed fish for approximately 7 days.

Within a few hours of being placed in the aquarium, fish will sense food within the pyramid, and will begin to consume nourishing food pellets from the surface of Pyramid.

These pellets contain a formulation of energy-rich foods, along with essential vitamins and minerals, which are continually provided during the feeding cycle of the pyramid. Fish feed at will; the more they eat, the more food pellets are exposed.

Approximately mid-way in the pyramid's 7-day feeding cycle, a centrally located chamber within the pyramid will be exposed, supplying a nutritious treat to add variety to the fish's diet.

Directions for Use:
Simply place the Pyramid in the aquarium to begin the feeding cycle. One pyramid will normally feed the fish in an appropriately stocked 10 U.S. gallon (38L) aquarium for 5 to 10 days. However, the dissolving time may increase in very hard water.

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