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WH Suet Energy Boost Block Variety Pack

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Manufacturer: Walter Harrison's


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Walter Harrisons Suet Energy Boost Block Variety Packs will be an irresistible treat for all the birds this winter, packed with a variety of delicious fruits, peanuts, insects and seeds.

Have your garden packed with an array of wild birds over the winter period. The Suet Energy Boost Blocks can be placed on any bird table or in an energy boost suet cage.

Includes 5 different flavours, Peanut, Fruit, Seed & Insect, Wild Berry and apple.

 Pack Size : 6 x 300g.

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Irene Towne

With the variety of different added ingredients it ensures a diverse array of different birds. The long tailed tits enjoy the fruity ones the best. Baby starlings are frequent visitors to these blocks too. A good buy too.