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Kruuse Manuka AD Honey Dressing

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Manufacturer: Kruuse

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Kruuse Manuka AD Honey is an impregnated absorbent dressing, perfect for moderate to heavy exuding wounds.

Made of acetate gauze impregnated with 100% Leptospermum scorparium honey from New Zealand. Manuka AD has a hydrocolloid coating to improve the ease of handling and applying the dressing.

Manuka AD wound dressing is a sterile, single-use wound care dressings for use in moist wound management.

Manuka AD Dressing can be used for the treatment of:

  • Traumatic and contaminated wounds
  • Superficial and partial thickness burns
  • Sloughy wounds requiring autolytic debridement
  • ?Pressure sores
  • Surgical wounds

Directions for Use:
Remove the protective liners and apply directly to the wound, either side down; cover with secondary dressing of choice. Manuka ND can be cut to size. For large wounds use additional dressing placed side by side.