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HealX Soother Plus Topical Cream 30ml

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Manufacturer: Avix



HealX Soother Plus Topical Cream is a natural reliever of pain in a non toxic antimicrobial cream which is suitable for animals.

Heal X provides pain relief for muscle cramps, bruises, post-surgical incisions, self inflicted wounds, trauma and can be applied directly onto open wounds.

Not only is Heal x effective in managing inflammation and swelling, but also may reduce local pathologic viral, bacterial and fungal populations in lesions.

This fantastic Soothing Cream provides a nontoxic alternative to topical antibiotics and can be refrigerated for a thicker texture when applying.

Directions for use:
Apply topically and gently massage into the affected area. Several treatments per day may be required to manage the pain.

Rinse the affected area every 7-10 days.

Size: 30ml