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Comfy Collar an Alternative to Elizabethan Collar

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Manufacturer: Comfy Collar

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The Comfy Collar is the ideal alternative to the traditional Elizabethan (lampshade) collar, and is one of the best new products we've come across! It acts as an inflatable donut that fits around your pet's neck, preventing your pet from fussing stitches, wounds or other skin irritations, and aids buoyancy in water. The Extra Small Collar fits neck sizes of 7"-9" (17-22cm) and is suitable for small puppies, teacup/toy breeds and cats.

The Comfy Collar is made of an inflatable inner tube (high frequency welded PVC, with a 7mm inflation valve and integrated non-return valve), placed in a tough, washable protective cover, produced in PVC coated jersey. It is fitted with a zipper located on the outside, an adjustable velcro strap and 3 loops placed on the inner ring to attach to a collar.

Extra Small 7-9" / 17-22 cm
Small 9-12" / 22-30 cm
Medium 12-16" / 30-40 cm
Large 17-22" / 42-55 cm
Extra Large 22-32" / 55-80 cm

Reviews Overall rating: (3.8 of 5)

Matt Allen

Whilst I'm positive that this product has worked well for others it did not for my German Shepherd pup. She was spayed recently and reading the blurb above I felt confident that she wouldn't be able to harm herself whilst wearing the comfy collar. This would also mean that my young children would suffer an excited puppy with an Elizabethan Collar at face height! Unfortunately the collar correctly sized (middle of the mid range) and fitted as per the manufacturers advice did not work. Not in the least. One emergency £55 vet bill, alarmed children and puppy at all the blood stains! It took her a mere moment and she was still very doppy from the anaesthetic!

Elaine Donald

I purchased this not knowing if my rather lively dog would tolerate it after spaying. I cannot believe that I have had no problems with her wearing it. I just take it of when she eats and goes for her walk. She actually sits and waits for me to put it back on her when she comes back from her walk. Much better than the plastic cone of shame the vet gives you.

Lucinda Robinson

I bought the medium collar for my cocker spaniel (who constantly licks his front paws), and I'm very impressed. It's so much better than the plastic Elizabethan style collars you get from the vet, and I'm quite certain that he won't be able to hurt himself (or us!) with it. Quite easy to fit, although you do have to remove the inner tube slightly from the cover in order to blow it up (don't remove it completely to blow it up, or you might find it difficult to push it back in!). I was initially worried about the size, a he was very close to the upper size limit of the collar, but I just slightly under-inflated the collar and it fitted fine! In my opinion, a good purchase and very good value.

Laura Nyland

I have a cat with an ongoing issue of chewing her back leg. This collar has been fantastic at stopping her from being able to get at it but still enabling her to eat, sleep and get around without too much hindrance. As per other reviews cat claws can pierce the fabric outer if they scratch BUT in the past I have repaired the inner tube with a puncture repair kit and more recently I have found that the doubling up the outer layer means that punctures are much less likely. Also worth mentioning that I use the size small for for my 3kg cat as with the extra-small she can still reach her back legs

Susan Startin

This product has been brilliant for my cat. She has tolerated this far better than any of the available alternatives. Although she has scratched at it a lot, the outer cover is robust enough to take this. I am about to buy a new one so I have it ready for the next time one of my cats needs a recovery collar.

Brigid Rynne

Not suitable for cats. An inflatable tube with a "tough" fabric cover is no match for a hefty kick with a sharp claw. Our cat destroyed the "Comfy Collar" within moments of putting it on - less than 10 seconds! Useless.

Sally Tooke

This has stopped my Shih Tzu worrying a wound on his back leg and enabling it to heal - much better than the Elizabethan collar which was very intrusive and frightened my other dogs. Would certainly recommend this product

Lisa Jacks

Brilliant product !!! Bought one of these when my lurcher was recovering from a nasty bite on her side/back & kept worrying her stitches. She's a very sensitive girl & easily stressed, but was happy to wear this all day...she even seemed enthusiastic to have it put on ! Has now been used again without any problems on my jack-russell to protect her spay stitches.

Lynda White

After three days our cat had managed to take the collar off three times and now after five days she has torn the PVC inner lining with her claws and it won't inflate - totally useless! A waste of ten pounds!

Rebecca Clu

I bought this collar for my 2 year old boxer dog after he had a major operation on his back leg. This is much better than the elizabethan collar, my dog was much happier wearing it, and made no attempt to remove it. They allow the dog to still see properly, and be comfortable. He could eat, drink & sleep in it. I would definitely recommend trying this, as many dogs I know of become distressed when wearing the elizabethan collars.