Royal Canin Renal Feline SO 12 X 100g Pouches

Royal Canin Renal Feline SO 12 X 100g Pouches

Manufacturer: Royal Canin


Royal Canin Renal Feline S/O 12 X100g Pouches is a highly palatable, complete diet for adult cats which has been formulated as an aid in the dietary management of chronic renal failure. This diet has been proven to significantly increase survival time of cats with diagnosed CRF. It can slow the progression of disease and help maintain quality of life.

In cats with chronic renal failure, it is important to provide sufficient energy to minimize catabolism of either dietary or endogenous protein. Protein catabolism contributes to the production of nitrogenous waste products and the clinical symptoms of uraemia.

Royal Canin feline Renal support is formulated with relatively high fat contents and high energy density.

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Reviews Overall rating: (4.7 of 5)

Nigel Baker

My Cat, Cleo was diagnosed with stage 2/3 kidney disease in March. I thought I was going to lose her but after lots of excellent support from my Vet plus this food, her health has greatly improved. She lost nearly 15% of her body weight when she was very ill but has now put the weight back on! She still however has to have a 2mg Mirtazapine every 3 days to stimulate her appetite and daily Semintra and Renalzin to improve her health. She really appears to enjoy this food and the delivery by courier and text alert is fantastic.

Lesley Henshaw

My cat has CRF and few teeth and prefers to eat mush rather than lumps. To get round the problem of her just licking off the gravy I found it easier on my arthritic hands to roll the unopened pouch with a rolling pin (gently so it doesn't burst!) rather than mashing with fork or spoon. RC Renal tuna is the only one she'll eat.

Gail Jackson

My boy loves the tuna one but will eat the chicken and beef with some more flavour and water added. The tuna seems to have the most moisture in. To Alice of previous review - try mushing in spring water out of a can of tuna as it also gets in much needed liquid. The Specific kidney support in the foil tray also goes down well here. We are fighting CRF, hyperthyroidism and hypercalcemia so I was pleased to find renal food that would get eaten.

Barry James

OK so far with tuna flavour but as another comment above our cat licks all gravy off first and only rarely eats the balance - I would like to know if what is left has any real food value or is just there to pad out the product?

Alice Blakemore

Royal Canin is a good make but the food stinks, I have an indoor cat - any idea how to control the odour of the food? Leo was diagnosed with early stages of kidney and liver problems and I find I have to give him a bit at a time. If it is left the food goes off. Any advice for me to encourage him to eat though he is eating a little. He is loves the chicken and tuna and he woofs it down, just occasionally he goes back and forth and I want my boy to eat he has been through so much in the last fortnight (blood tests, steroids).

Emily Russ

My 19 year old cat has been diagnosed with CRF and this was one of my vet's recommended options. He's always been fussy and preferred dry food, but he loves this! He has a bit of gingivitis and tends to lick all the gravy off then cry for a fresh bowl, but mashed with a fork it is easy for him to take and palatable, and he eats the lot. I wish this came in cans, or something more environmentally sound. That's my only complaint.