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Royal Canin Mobility Support Large Dog Dry MLD26

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Manufacturer: Royal Canin

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Royal Canin Mobility Support L/Dog Dry MLD26. Joint disease is common in older pets, especially in overweight dogs of the large or giant breeds. Green-Lipped Mussel Powder (GLMP) from Perna canaliculus is an ingredient that has been studied for its unique ability to promote joint health. Clinical studies have shown that GLMP significantly improves overall arthritic scores, joint pain, and joint swelling in dogs with clinical signs of osteoarthritis.

Royal Canin diet Mobility Special support has a slightly restricted calorie content to help control weight in less active dogs easing stress on their joints. It is antioxidant enriched to help maintain the dog's natural defence system and help fight the effects of oxidative damage and the production of free radicals.

The GLMP used in Royal Canin diet Mobility support is obtained from farm raised mussels in New Zealand and is incorporated into the diet using a patented process to ensure delivery of this ingredient in the finished pet food.

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Margaret Robson

My rottweiler bitch diagnosed with hip displaysia two years ago is still thriving on it and needs no other support of drugs of any kind, so very happy to recommend to anyone in similar position.