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Oxbow Papaya Fruit Plus Supplement for Small Animals(90 Tablets)

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Manufacturer: Oxbow Animal Health



Oxbow Papaya Fruit Plus Supplement for Small Animals has been expertly developed from fresh papaya and pineapple, both naturally rich in the digestive enzymes papain and bromalain, thus supporting a healthy digestive system.

The concentrated levels of active enzymes in these palatable tablets are much higher than can be achieved through feeding natural fruit.  

Free from artificial colourings and preservatives, as well as simple sugars, such as sucrose or corn syrup; these special supplements are purely beneficial.

These tasty little treats can also be administered as training aids or for rewarding well-deserving pets.

Give 1-2 tablets per day, breaking the tablet in half will release aroma to enticing your furry little friend.

Pack contains 90 tablets.

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Anna Gorrie

I have long-haired rabbits and I like to feed them these tablets when they're moulting, to help prevent wool-block. I have to say I don't know if the product actually works, but I haven't had any issues as long as I've been using it, and the rabbits get really excited when they hear the bottle being opened! So at worst it's an expensive treat.