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Pettex Compressed Bale Meadow Hay 3.7kg

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Manufacturer: Pettex Pet Products



Pettex Compressed Bale Meadow Hay 3.7kg is ideal bedding for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. As this high quality product has been cut from an old established pasture it is likely to have a diverse range of different grasses and a sweet, fresh smell. Your pet will love to use this natural, compressed meadow hay to make a cosy and warm bed for itself.

Healthy, hygienic and dust free.

Please note that very occasionally, small hawthorn branches, thistles etc. can be hidden in the long grass and is picked up with the hay.

Dimensions: 38 x 15 x 61cm


Reviews Overall rating: (4 of 5)

Cay Mayor

My rabbits seem to like eating this and you get alot for the price.

Ellen Johnstone

Very good quality, smells nice and is soft on delicate guinea pig feet

Emily Mills

4. Very good value for money. Both my rabbits and guinea pigs enjoy it