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Carefresh Natural Pet Bedding

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Manufacturer: Carefresh

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Carefresh Natural Pet Bedding has been made from virgin wood pulp fibre which is an all natural and biodegradable material.

The bedding is exceptionally absorbent and has been heat treated to control odour and inhibit bacteria and fungi growth.

Free from contaminants like pine or cedar oils, Carefresh Natural Bedding is much safer than traditional bedding and creates a perfect natural living environment that promotes your pet's instinctive burrowing and nesting behaviours.

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Ross Still

Fantastic bedding! So good will odor control, highly recommend to anyone with small pets, especially guinea pigs or hamster owners, much better than just using wood shavings.

Ann Davies

This is an excellent product - soft, hygienic, and absorbing odours. I add a little daily on top of soiled litter and replace weekly to keep our rabbits really happy. Good value pack which always arrives quickly and superbly packaged.

Kathryn Hastings

I chose this one as the bag was slightly bigger and cheaper than those that are more 'colourful'. I've just opened it and it feels very soft. Im only using it for the litter tray so it should last me a good few litter box changes!:)