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Burns Penlan Welsh Meadow Hay 1kg

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Manufacturer: Burns


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Burns Penlan Welsh Meadow Hay is a great complementary food. It is a rich source of natural fibre and packed full of nutrition and all the things rabbits and other small animals need to stay fit and healthy.

This special blend of high-quality hay is produced on the Carmarthenshire Farms from flower-rich pastures.

A lack of fibre in the diet can cause various health problems such as, dental problems, digestive upset, obesity and even fly strike.

Burns Penlan Welsh Meadow Hay should be fed alongside a well-balanced, varied diet of vegetables, wild plants and herbs, mimicking the diet of these animals in the wild. 



Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Anna Gorrie

One of my rabbits wasn't keen on timothy hay and wouldn't eat very much at all, which didn't help his teeth - but he really liked this! It could be worth a try for any rabbit that seems not to like hay or isn't getting enough fibre.