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Kong Puppy Activity Ball Stuff a Ball (Small)

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Manufacturer: Kong



Kong Puppy Activity Ball, also known as Stuff a Ball is Made from special teething rubber, designed specially for puppies under 9 months old with no adult teeth.

Puppy kongs are made from a softer rubber which suitable for brittle puppy teeth.

Kong activity ball has a treat dispensing feature which enhances intellectual development and teaches your dog good chewing behaviour.

Chewing on the activity ball soothes sore gums and gently cleans the teeth.

This item is not suitable for adult dogs or puppies with adult teeth.

Once adult teeth are present use adult Kongs in red or black rubber.

Please Note: This product is available in different colours which unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.5 of 5)

Louisa Shackleton

A good alternative to a regular kong. The dog likes chasing it around. Not sure about the 'teeth-cleaning' grooves around the edge, they are messy to fill and hard to clean and as she just licks them they don't do much to clean her teeth!

Susan Wright

Bought this for an 8week old puppy. The treats tend to fall out but she loves the texture of the ball and the fact that it rolls well keeps her well occupied. A good buy.