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Super Fish Koi Feeder

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Manufacturer: SuperFish


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Super Fish Koi Feeder is an automatic koi feeder the can be programmed to feed up to 4 times per day.

The Automatic koi feeder is battery operated and therefore is very safe to use and can be easily installed anywhere. It can last a minimum of 3 months on one set of batteries.

The food amount is adjustable from 50 ? 1400 grams per day and the food container has a capacity to hold 10 litres/4Kg of koi food.

Place the automatic koi feeder on the edge of the pond or quarantine tank and the unique brush dispenser will shoot the food into the pond.

A user manual is also enclosed.

Please be aware that the SuperFish Koi Feeder is designed for pellet food only and is not suitable for sticks of flake food.


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