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ProDen PlaqueOff Animal for Dogs and Cats

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Manufacturer: Inform Pet

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ProDen Plaque Off is a new innovation in oral care containing specially selected seaweed which is harvested from the seas of Norway and Iceland.

It contains 12 vitamins, 13 minerals & trace elements and is rich in natural iodine.

Used daily it can significantly help in the control of dental plaque, tartar and bad breath and is suitable for use with dogs and cats.

A 60g pot can last for 6-12 months with daily use. Simply sprinkle the dried granules over your pets food daily and let PlaqueOff do the rest.

Not recommended for animals undergoing treatment for hyperthyroidism.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.6 of 5)

Shelley Brook

I was a bit dubious about if this would work. I have been putting it in my 5 dogs food since Feb 2017 and it has removed the tartar from their teeth and improved their breaths 100%. They also have the occasional raw bone which has helped clear off the tartar once the product has softened it. I'm really please with this product and that it is natural as well. Wish I had taken before photos so I could show you the difference!!

Christine Dilley

Brilliant product have been using for years (recommended to me by a friend) and my two elderly dogs have perfect teeth no plaque at all

Anne Cluderay

I clean my cavaliers' teeth twice a week. At age 8 they have great clean teeth that impresses the vet! Have used Plaque off for years but then stopped using it for a few months. It then got harder to keep the teeth quite as clean. So I am back to using it. Somehow the plaqueoff makes it easy to brush off any plaque etc. Seems to loosen it. A great product.

Sharon Ashcroft

My little poodle x has had numerous dentals to keep his mouth healthy and I was very sceptical of any product but so wanted to avoid anaesthetic even though he is very fit so gave Plaque Off a try. Have to say 4 weeks in the tarter on his teeth is soft and so much easier to brush off. I have seen fabulous results that I really didn't expect.

Mary Perkins

We have used this product for well over two years now. It came highly recommended from a friend, and I honestly say it works a treat. One of our rescue springers had dreadful tartar and plaque and within 6 months that was completely clear. Don't expect it to work over night. You have to use it for a long period of time before you see the improvement. I have been recommending it to all my friends.

Robert Russell

Absolutely no effect after 7 weeks. Too good to be true.

Angie Bellucci

I have been using this for both my dogs and have been really happy with the effect it has had, both have a noticable improvement in the look of their teeth. My youngest, Mitch especially. I bought this product because his teeth were looking brown and our vet noted he had the potential for problems in the future. I will continue to use this regularly. You don't need much so a small pot will last for several weeks.

Sara Williams

This is an amazing product! I used it on my dogs for years and then during a few years of chronic illness, I stopped giving it to them. I was then told by my vet that my eldest dog who is 9 would have to have teeth taken out. They weren't infected or troubling her and I didn't want to put her through an operation at her age but the fact that her teeth were not in good nick did upset me. I immediately started to use this product again and 6 months later I really can see the difference. You only need to use a tiny amount on the food and this tub has lasted me 6 months for 3 mini schnauzers. Its much cheaper and kinder than putting your dog through an operation !

Angela Aston

Absolutely delighted! My dogs eat very healthily indeed but at age 2.5, 3.5 and 4yrs their teeth were starting to need attention. I was concerned about the high salt and sugar content of daily dental chews and wanted a healthier alternative that would clean their teeth without the junkfood - this is it! It's fantastic stuff. For all the doubters, I actually tried Plaque off for about 6 weeks over a year ago and wasn't impressed; I gave up too soon and went back to using a well known brand of dental chews. Recently I was convinced by a friend to give it another go. I'm SO glad I did! It is just brilliant. My vet has commented on how 'pearly white' my dogs' teeth are. The bad breath that two of my three dogs were suffering from has gone. They are perfectly happy to have plaque off added to their food. Am now buying a huge tub as I have such faith in this stuff. I'm also buying the human tablets for myself - hopefully my teeth will soon look as good as the dogs!

Amy Jenkins

Excellent product. My cats teeth are looking so much better than before. I always find it a problem getting to the back teeth when cleaning them but this stuff has made it so much easier so I don't have to worry about their teeth anymore