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Ostrich Twister Dental Chews

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Manufacturer: Henry Schein



Ostrich Twister Dental Chews are highly palatable, 100% natural treats to give your dog.

Made from the tendons of South African Ostriches, the treats create a natural flossing effect as the fibres from the tendon move around the teeth making them the ideal dental chew.

Key Benefits:

n Prevents Bad Breath n Less Messy & Splinter Free
n Satisfies Chewing Urge n Excellent Flossing Effect

Ostrich Twisters helps to reduce tartar to give your dog healthy teeth and gums, and also helps keep their breath fresh .

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Paula Nalley

These keep both my dogs amused for ages. Possibly the only thing you cannot talk from either of them. They run and hide taking the chew with them. Have ordered in batches of ten each time, as saves a little money. And it will definitely be a repurchase for them as and when required. Only give them one each at a weekend as a treat.