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Logic Orozyme Dental Chews for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Ceva

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Logic Orozyme Dental Chews for Dogs are extremely palatable beef and pork rawhide chews for dogs, which combine an active chewing action with carefully selected enzymes to remove plaque from teeth and gums.

Logic Orozyme Dental Chews help to prevent plaque build-up, long term gum disease, tooth loss, pain and associated weight loss, and poor quality of life.

The chews have been designed to complement the action of Logic Oral Hygiene Gel, but can also be used by themselves.

Daily Usage Guide:
Only feed your dog 1 Logic Orozyme Dental Chew per day and choose the appropriate size from the table below.

  Weight of Dog Number of Chews (Per Pack)
Small < 10kg 25 (141g)
Medium 10 - 30kg 14 (141g)
Large > 30kg 7 (141g)

Amylase, Glucoamylase, Glucose Oxidase, Lactoperoxidase, Potassium Thiocyanate, Superoxide Dismutase, Lysozyme, Lactoferrine, Flavouring

Reviews Overall rating: (4.6 of 5)

Carole Dean

My dogs love these chews, great for extra help on keeping teeth clean

Philippa Harris

I first bought these to improve my cocker spaniel's dental health but, well, he is now just so excited about going to bed because it means it is chew time! He sits looking at himself in the wardrobe mirror and chomps his way happily through them. The price via Vet UK is just excellent too

Maggie Wareham

These were recommended to us by a breeder and our dog likes them. Too soon to notice a marked difference in his teeth or breath, but based on other reviews, and breeder's advice, I am certain these will be regularly ordered.

Alison Munday

Size small is great for 3 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He loves his daily early evening treat. He has fresh breath and healthy gums but still some tartar build up. Much cheaper than buying in the shops and always a prompt delivery

Deborah Cunningham

these chews have made my dogs' breath fresh and with the exception of stopping one of them burying the things in the garden they are an effortless solution to bad breath. I highly recommend them

Catherine Hellaby

I started giving these to one of my labradoodles when I noticed a slight discolouration on her teeth and WOW this product is amazing!!! Her teeth are now sparkling white again and her breath has no odour. I will continue to use the product but not on a daily basis - having more than one dog would be too expensive, but will give them at least once a week.

Victoria Mccartney

I buy the medium size for my labs, I have not tried the small or large size. I am a little put off by the reviews of the large size mostly because of the comments about how few of them there are in the box, I don't think that there would be a problem with consuming them, as both my boys are power chewers. The medium size lasts them about 5 minutes and they do get a really good chew at them with both dogs eating the until they are completely gone, I am happy with the fact that they are not devoured in seconds like many treats. The dogs love getting their chew in the evening and will ask for them if we are running late :) One of the labs had terrible problems with his teeth and was recommended for cleaning at the vet. I use these chews daily and also Plaque Off in their food, they get the Orozyme toothpaste once a week or so. At the last vet check up, no mention was made of any dental work needed. There is a definite improvement in the look of the teeth and also breath odour. I cannot be sure which of the products makes the most difference but I assume a combination of all three.

Marion Butcher

The small box of chews is the most expensive because that size contains 100g more than either the medium or the large boxes. Loving the medium size. Large is HUMUNGOUS. Ideal for a Great Dane or another giant breed.

Emma Meaden

Great product but why are the small dog ones the most expensive?

Krystyna Green

I have been giving my Jack Russell these small chews for years. she loves them and they do seem to keep away the plaque. But they do not last very long. I often read the reviews to see what new comments are made and was persuaded by one of them to try the medium sized chews to see if they would last longer. Well - they were nothing like the small chews in form or content. In fact they looked just like squared off pieces of hide of some kind. And they were so tough that my little dog just couldn't 'eat' them at all. She tried over a whole week to make headway into the thing, but in the end I threw it away. So now I have a box of Medium Sized Logic Dental chews sitting begging on a shelf. I've gone back to the small size again. So, the experiment was a disaster; and I have no idea why the chews were so different. Goodness knows what the Large size look like!! I also would like to know why the small chews are the most expensive chews. The bottom line is that my dog likes them, and they seem to work on her plaque.