Easeflex Chews for Dogs Tasty Joint and Mobility Chews

Easeflex Chews for Dogs Tasty Joint and Mobility Chews

Manufacturer: Sogeval


Easeflex Chews for Dogs are the new tasty way to soothe your dogs stiff joints and maintain his mobility.

Each Easeflex chew combines high levels of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and antioxidants all combined in a semi moist and natural meaty flavoured chew that your dog will relish.

Each chew contains: Glucosamine Hydrochloride 500mg, Chondroitin Sulphate 400mg, MSM (Methyl-sulphonyl-methane) 500mg, Manganese Ascorbate 66mg, Manganese Ascorbate 10mg.

Easeflex Chews are a low calorie joint care supplement that dogs will accept even over a prolonged period; administer 1 tablet per 12.5Kg to 25kg bodyweight per day, to be given with or after food.

Available in packs of 120 or 60 allowing most dogs to be fed at less than 50p per day.

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Andrea Berry

Have been using these chews since my 11 year old Lab was diagnosed with arthritis at the start of the year. Didnít want to start him on meds just yet and vet recommended trying Glucosamine. Think these chews are great Ė have helped with stiffness and have the added bonus of my dog loving them. 5 stars all round!

Jacqueline Honey

My 15 year old border collie has a new lease of life since she started taking Easy Flex Chews,they really are good.She was very stiff and slow but within a few weeks of taking them she was much more active and a lot happier. An added bonus for her is that they are also her favourite treat.

Simon Yates

I have a four year old Border Collie that has a degree of hip dysplasia. The dog had a badly inflamed hip joint and experienced difficulty in running far and then usually on three legs. The vet was reluctant to operate and suggested Easeflex. Absolutely wonderful. Within two weeks the inflammation had eased and the dog was running with ease on all four legs and now, after a year, has absolutely no problems. I cannot recommend this product enough.

Cynthia Reed

I started using this when an Alaskan Malamute breeder/friend recommended it--as then we thought our 4yo rescue Mal had hip problems. It turned out she had ACL problems, had the TPLO surgery and the surgeon recommended them immediately to support her recovery. How nice she was already on it! He had posters all over his wall about the efficacy of the product, though they don't sell it there--that told me something. I'm really pleased with it and our dog loves the chews and thinks it's a nice treat.

Kathryn Spendlove

My 10yr old staffie has been using eazeflex for the past 8 months and they are still as effective now as they were when she started i highly recommend them to anyone who has an elderly dog

Olga Hubicka

This product is brilliant. We have an elderly dog who we thought might benefit from a joint supplement, so I got him some Cosequin. Hmmm. What a palaver with sprinkle capsules. But then I discovered EaseFlex. He just loves the chews and his EaseFlex is frequently the first thing he grabs from his lunch bowl, even when he has delicious fish or chicken sitting there. I took the dog to the vet only yesterday for a check up and told the vet that I had switched him to EaseFlex from Cosequin - the vet said, and I quote, "I'm not surprised - dogs do seem to love it". A highly recommended product both from a dog owner and our vet.