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Beaphar Liver Flavoured Joint Tablets (Pot of 60)

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Manufacturer: Beaphar



Beaphar Liver Flavoured Joint Tablets contain a vet strength formula to help maintain your dog's joints and keep them supple for smooth, pain free movement.

Each tablet contains high levels of Glucosamine which aids in the product and rebuilding of cartilage, allowing for smoother joint movement.

The tablets are also rich in chondroitin, which aside from its anti-inflammatory properties, will also help to maintain cartilage and keep ligaments and muscles strong.

Beaphar Joint Tablets are chewable and infused with a tasty liver flavour and do not have to be given with food.

Bodyweight (kg)Initial Does per DayMaintenance Dose
Less than 10kg 1 Tablet 1/2 Tablet
10 - 20kg 2 Tablets 1 Tablet
20 - 40kg 3 Tablets 1-2 Tablet

Each pot contains 60 Tablets.

Reviews Overall rating: (4 of 5)

Angela Williams

Bought this product to try on my 11 year old terrier x who now has bad joints. They worked quite well on him only two weeks after the first dosage which was very good but found they were very large in size and a problem to give to him long term.