Equistro represent the leading edge of current research in veterinary science and animal nutrition with a sophisticated range of equine nutritional supplements and care products.

Designed to optimise the performance of your ‘equine athlete’, Equistro supplements are organic, specifically targeted formulations of the highest biological value, available in a comprehensive range of applications.

    Made with premium quality ingredients, particular care and attention has been given to the sourcing of the raw materials in all Equistro products. Many of the ingredients contained in the supplements come from the leaves, fruits and roots of various plants and spices around the world.

    A unique bio-efficient approach has also been taken with each and every supplement to ensure they distribute their components throughout the organism equally to give maximum effectiveness.

    So whether you want your ‘athlete’ to perform to the very highest professional level or simply to their ‘personal best’, you can be sure that by choosing Equistro, you are giving them a head start.