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Equistro Flexadin UCII Twin Pack

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Manufacturer: Vetoquinol


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Equistro Flexadin UCII Twin Pack is an oral joint health supplement for horses provided in a handy double pack for those with more than one horse or breeders.

Recommended for athletic horses requiring optimal joint health and mobility, Vetoquinal has developed Flexadin UCII with a revolutionary new ingredient that is one of the most effective and influential ingredients available for just this purpose.

UC-II is a native biologically active type II colagen that is highly bioavailable and beneficial in maintaining the health of equine joints. Type II collagen is the principal structural protein in cartilage making it responsible for its tensile strength.

Developed to be highly palatable, Flexadin UCII powder supports hyaluronic acid from the effects of oxidative reactions and helps conserve synovial fluid viscosity, while maintaining the structure of proteins in the body and aids in maintaining the immune system.

Up to 120 days supply.

2 x 600g Tubs