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Hills Prescription Diet ID Adult Cat Food Pouches 12 x 85g (Chicken)

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food



Hills Prescription Diet ID Adult Cat Food Pouches 12 x 85g (Chicken).

Hills ID for the nutritional management of cats with gastrointestinal disorders.

Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders may affect the stomach, intestines, or both. They can cause vomiting, maldigestion, diarrhoea, or constipation. Animals may lose weight and dehydrate.

Hills I/D diet was developed to help manage GI disorders in pets, reducing or eliminating problems such as flatulence, diarrhoea (small intestinal and certain large intestinal types), pancreatitis and gastric disorders.

12 pouches of meaty chunks in gravy.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.3 of 5)

Jan Mead

My vet recommended this food when I homed a rescue cat who had acute diarrhorea - this was not settling down - this was a condition as confirmed by Vet:to be frank the discharge was like water, so you can imagine how worried I was. My cat was dehydrating and drinking lots of water. This product together with fresh chicken or fresh cod/pollock and science hills adult chicken biscuits keeps my cat wonderfully healthy and he has much reduced his water intake. I believe its the gravy in the product that helps!

Jan Lennox

My cat can only have 'sensitive' food and prefers cat food to fresh fish, chicken etc. This is great to have more variety and she loves it.

Lisa Montgomery

I thought this product would be good for my cat as she has problems digesting - but she will not touch it!! I thought i would give it to my other 2 cats rather then it being wasted but neither of them will eat it either. Very odd for all of them to dislike something

Alison Richards

Excellent product for cats with poorly tummies! My oldest cat has a weak stomach and normal food can sometimes make him ill, but this product works really well at calming down the issue and keeping him fed and happy at the same time. It's a great alternative to giving plain white fish or chicken when they are unwell. Highly recommended product.