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Hills Prescription Diet DD Adult Cat Food Tins 24 x 156g (Venison)

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food


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Hills Prescription Diet DD Adult Cat Food Tins 24 x 156g (Venison).

Hills DD for the nutritional management of cat & dogs with food allergy and or food intolerance.

Food allergy and intolerance may result in numerous skin and stomach problems that can cause discomfort and pain in your pet.

Also known as adverse reactions to food, this condition is usually an abnormal response to the protein found in pet food. Hills D/D diet comes with novel / new protein sources to help manage pets with such adverse reactions to food.

Commonly, food allergy & intolerance is often caused by beef, dairy products and wheat. Hills D/D foods contain none of these.

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Maureen Gray

I ran a cat rescue charity and we took in a cat which had constant diarrhoea and couldn't put on any weight. The only food he could tolerate was a mixture of boiled chicken breast mixed with dog chubb. Unfortunately after being vaccinated even this food didn't work as the 'runs' started all over again. When a new vet recommended DD I was keen to try anything but didn't hold out much hope. This is a fantastic product and since starting on this the cat has put on weight and his faeces are solid. Unfortunately he cannot be allowed to run free outside as if he picks up anything, including bread left out for the birds, his 'runs' come back again - but only very briefly. I would definitely recommend this product for any cat with a similar problem. It has probably saved Barney's life!