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Frontline Spot On for Cats (3 Pack)

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Manufacturer: Merial

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Frontline Spot On for Cats (3 Pack) is used in the treatment and for the prevention of infestations by fleas and ticks or as part of a treatment strategy for Flea Allergy Dermatitis in cats. Frontline can be used on kittens from 8 weeks of age.

Dosage and administration: by topical application to the skin. Dosage 1 pipette of 0.5 ml per cat (approximately 7.5 - 15 mg/kg); follow the instructions on the packet for correct application.

Apply every four weeks to maintain flea cover. It is important to apply the dose to an area where the animal cannot lick off and to make sure that animals do not lick each other after treatment. Ensure that treated animals do not groom each other after treatment until dry.

Legal Category:
NFA-VPS | Frontline for Cats

Reviews Overall rating: (4.2 of 5)

Margaret Allan

I have always used Frontline for my three cats and find it not only effective but also very reasonably priced from VetUK.

Ross Still

Best flea treatment on the market! My cat has not had a single flea on her since I've started using Frontline. I go through so much of this as I have many cats. I defiantly trust this brand and completely swear by it. Highly recommend.

Helen Gorton

Applied to my female and tom-cat and it killed some fleas but 48hours later fleas are back, I do not have fleas in my house as it flea free but will house hold spray as recommended by my vet. Overall 2 stars, I would not buy this ever again waste of money.

Janine Davies

**ATTENTION ** Frontline is a product I use for my pets and will always recommend. Animals are not 'Immune' to Frontline. The reason most people see fleas on their pets after applying Frontline is because Fleas DO NOT live on the animals.... They live in our home with us. Treating ALL animals in the house is the first step. Second step is to treat your home with a house hold spray like Indorex, Acclaim etc. Spray every room in the house even if the animals do not go in there - fleas jump! There is no shame and it has nothing to do with how clean your home is, fleas are not fussy. Flea treatments will not work if the second step has not been done. You will be wasting you time and money. Third step.....don't forget to apply flea treatments monthly. Any breaks in treatment (e.g missing a month or two) is just a invitation for fleas to move in.. I hope this helps :)

Jen Kenny

Frontline is the best flea product I have found, my housemate's cat got fleas many years ago and we tried several other products with no success. Since then I have my own cats and always treat them with it regularly and never had a flea in sight. I used to buy it from my vets but they charge a lot for it. Now thanks to VetUK my cats and home are flea free at an affordable price with great customer service.

Andi Jackson

I was using this for my cats, it is a good product, well priced and does what it says on the box!

Andy Carter

I've given the product three stars as it used to work, but now - about 5 days after application, I'm finding fleas on the cats... I've been severely admonished by my partner by stupidly asking her if she was sure that they were live fleas ! I'm going to try Advantage 80 now to see if that fares any better - while keeping my brownie points in good shape ! Vet UK is one of the best sites (for anything) that I regularly use....

Garry Johnson

This product is by far the best flea treatment we have used! gets rid of them within 3 days!also the price on here is remarkable, half the price from any vet surgery or shop! Would highly recommend!!!

Louise Wood

If fleas are already present in abundance then this product will NOT work on its own (house hold treatment and linen washing needed also). But okay to use if trying to keep fleas numbers right down or away. I live in an area with lots of Fox's and a few stray cats and a fare few cats that are not so well cared for so need to get this product on a regular basis to keep the nasty Flea Bees at bay as my cat goes goes out and to stop her bringing them in to the house and to the Dogs. I also bought Dog and household Flea treatment and after a whole days research on the computer found Vet uk the cheapest, which is brilliant when you do have to get Flea treatment quite often I bought/ordered this on a Tuesday and received it on the Thursday - Absolutely brilliant!!!. Thanks VetUK :)

Margaret Chadwick

Fleas seem to be immune to FRONTLINE.. Put it on my cat over 2 weeks ago and she is still full of fleas [and they are BIG] Also treating the whole house!! I am thinking of now trying the PROGRAMME One this time you put it in the food see if that is any good AS I AM NOW GETTING FED UP WITH THE DAM FLEAS NASTY..And I must add my cat does not go out!!!!