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Program Suspension for Cats 6 x 266mg

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Manufacturer: Elanco Animal Health



Program Suspension 266mg for Cats is used for the prevention and control of flea infestation and for the treatment of flea allergic dermatitis in cats.

Program 266mg suspension is effective against both major flea species found on cats. Program suspension can be administered to all cats including pregnant cats and kittens taking solid food.

Use one suspension vial per cat weighing over 4.5Kg. Shake the vial prior to opening and before placing on the food.

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Cristina Izquierdo Rodriguez

Excellent product to prevent fleas attack. Specially useful for cats that present skin reactions to the usual topical treaments. The product is also very sure, with no side effects. Highly recommended.

Penny Welstead

I have two feral cats and as I'm on my own it's impossible to hold the cat,part the fur and use a spot on flea product. A friend mentioned flea suspension and we haven't had any problems at all. It's a white liquid so stands out against gravy or jelly, making it easy to stir in. One of my boys is very distrustful and I've fooled him 3 times now. I would highly recommend to any animal carer!

Louise Cadwallader

I would highly recommend this product, particularly for animals who have any sort of skin problem and get stressed by anything that is applied to their skin (as my cat does!) I have always treated him with products applied to the neck area & although it is unlikely he is allergic to them, the very fact that something has been put on his skin causes a couple of days scratching/licking whilst he tries to get to the area. With this product it went in his food & absolutely no problem whatsoever - you know what they can be like, they very often seem to know that something has been put in their food and eat around it! It is obviously very palatable. Only the first month I have used it but fingers crossed! and it will be on my regular list from now on!