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Program for Dogs 204.9 Tablets Brown (Pack of 6)

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Manufacturer: Elanco Animal Health



Program tablets for Dogs 204.9mg are used in the prevention and lasting control of fleas and for the treatment of flea allergic dermatitis in dogs.

Program tablets are effective against the dominant flea species C. felis and C. canis and can be administered to all dogs including pregnant bitches and puppies taking solid food.

Give one tablet monthly, each 204.9mg tablet will treat a dog weighing between 6.8Kg - 20Kg.

To be effective the tablets must be administered with food.

6 x 204.9mg Tablets

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Rebecca Dunn

Frontline had stopped working and my poor dog was really uncomfortable. My mum suggested Program as she had used it for years (Program doesn't kill the live fleas already on the animal). She also told me about Capstar to kill the adult fleas. when I first treated with Program and Capstar I also treated all the carpets. I now treat monthly with program to stop them breeding and use a Capstar if he picks anything up or when he comes back from his hair cut. Also so much easier than drops and no wet patch so must be safer for the kids too. Brilliant!!!!