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Skoosh Non-Insecticidal Flea Spray

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Manufacturer: Ceva


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Skoosh Flea Spray is a pesticide free, silicone based spray that can be used safely in the home around children and pets.

Recently reformulated to improve efficacy and coverage, Skoosh Flea Spray effectively acts as a "sticky trap" as it coats flea eggs, larvae, pupae and adults with its active silicone ingredient.

Working instantly to treat every stage of the flea life-cycle, adults and larvae are immobilised in seconds, eggs and pupae are prevented from ever hatching and biting fleas are instantly stopped, offering immediate relief to distressed owners.

Skoosh Flea Spray is the perfect choice for pet-owners wishing to control flea-infestations without having to use insecticides.

Please be aware that Skoosh can be transferred from treated areas to untreated areas on the feet of pets and their owners, potentially making certain floor surfaces and footwear extremely slippery. They may remain slippery for some time and we encourage extra care to be taken after applying the product in your home.

Please note: This product is not to be applied directly to your pet.