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Flevox Cat Flea Treatment

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Manufacturer: Vetoquinol



Flevox Cat Flea Treament is a flea, tick and lice spot on treatment and prevention for your cat.

Developed with Fipronil, the treatment will remain effective for up to 4 weeks against new infestations and newly arriving fleas are killed within 48 hours of landing on your cat.

The product can also be used as part of a treatment strategy for Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) where it has been previously diagnosed by a vet.

Directions: Apply every 4 weeks as directed.

Please note that this is a single use pipette.

Do NOT use on kittens less than 8 weeks old and/or weighing less than 1kg.

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NFA-VPS | Flevox Cat Flea Treatment

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Fiona E Dryden

This seems to work just as well as Frontline. The design of the pipettes is not so good as the Frontline , and is more difficult to get all the product out.

Samantha Polley

Arrived in quick time, have put on the cats, fingers crossed it works, no adverse effects as yet apart from the odd growl and side eye look from our alley cat, she can't help it she likes to remind us she was once wild and needs no-one haha and that she likes the warm house so will stick around even if we will chase and pin her down to put horrid medicine on her. Love our furbabies such characters :)

Morten Frydenlund

Cheap product, but it does not work on my 2 cats. Unfortunately I can not recommend to others it's simply too bad a prudukt

Claire Thorneycroft

Just like the next person I love a bargain so with this product being made by Vetoquinol I thought sure lets give it a go! You know the saying you get what you pay for? Well with this product unfortunately the saying is true. I have found five fleas on my dog and a few on my cats - " It takes 48 hours to work and then the fleas will be slowing down and dying they are the ones your seeing." It's been a week since application and as to slowing down these are the Linford Christie of fleas and they were going for gold on my dogs stomach. I am sceptical of reviews on products for flea treatments. Having worked in veterinary practice for over 10 years I have put my animals under more risk of becoming infested with all the flea ridden creatures that passed through the doors on a daily basis(not to mention the 20+ stray cats we cared for as an overflow for the local RSPCA). I did the flea clinics for our clients and gave out all the advice, I know not to bath my dog before treatment, I know to treat the house and the house of anyone I visit regularly (and the car)to stop the eggs hatching out and I know to reapply on a monthly basis for at least three months following an infestation. Having lived on site for 7 years I used Frontline Spot-On, Staykill or RIP Flea and never have I had a problem with fleas. I am allergic to the saliva they inject so if there are fleas about I usually get bitten also - this is what causes your pets to scratch - but only if they are allergic, animals that are not allergic to the numbing saliva of the flea will not scratch. I have now left practice and have a bigger infestation than ever before. I just placed an order for Frontline and RIP Flea which is cheaper than most others and comes in a bigger can - go figure! I won't make this mistake again - I never bother to leave a review due to lack of time but I felt I needed to inform other people thinking of buying this product that it has performed below par. Pretty disappointed in this product - obviously this is in no way the fault of VetUK who I think are ace and compared to everyone else provide products at a reasonable price.

Catherine Minshall

Excellent product no complaints worth a buy whilst been on special offer.

Charlotte Thornley

This has the same active ingredient and dosage as basic Frontline and similar products: Fipronil. However as some have been noticing with basic Frontline, it isn't working as well as it used to. I used this on my two cats 3 weeks ago and the equivalent on my dog, after 24hrs I could only find dead and near dead fleas on my animals, which was great. However as of today I have found fleas on both of my pets that I inspected (7 alone on one cat after looking for 15mins before she got annoyed.) I don't think this is a problem solely attributed to Flevox products but more with all Fipronil based treatments. It seems that in some areas fleas are becoming immune to it. However if basic Frontline and similar are still working for you then this should also and its way cheaper.