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Fiprospot for Small Dogs

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Manufacturer: Ceva

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3 x 0.67ml Pipettes

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Fiprospot for Small Dogs is an easy to use flea treatment which has been specially formulated to work against flea infestations and ticks.

Please ensure that Fiprospot Spot On is applied on an area where your dog cannot reach and ensure that the treatment has dried before animals groom each other.

Fiprospot Spot On comes with the convenience of a pipette with a stand for easy application.

Fiprospot Spot on can be used on puppies from 8 weeks of age and weighing more than 2Kg.

Apply every 6-8 weeks to maintain flea cover.

Suitable for dogs weighing between 2-10Kg.

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Catherine Minshall

Having 7 dogs myself, these a affordable and a great alternative to frontline, you wont be disappointed.

John Speight

I used this on 10 dogs after seeing a flea infestation. I found it to be very easy to apply, not messy and every single sign of fleas were gone the same day and did not return.I am going to reapply now after 2 months to to on the safe side. I did use 2 flea bombs at the same time.

Peter Hicks

We had a bad flea problem with our 3 dogs in the summer. We used the most popular treatment as 'recommended' my our vet, Frontline which cost us nearly £70, but it simply did not work. Because of this we thought we would try a cheaper alternative as we were quite desperate but did not want to spend a fortune so we ordered some Fibrospot which for the same doses cost us a little over £20 for all 3 dogs. The result was excellent, in just a few days we were combing out dead fleas and within a week the flea infestation was gone. What a great purchase, I would recommend this product to anyone.