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Fiprospot for Medium Dogs

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Manufacturer: Ceva

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Fiprospot for Medium Dogs is an easy to use flea treatment which has been formulated to work against flea and tick infestations.

Please ensure that Fiprospot Spot On is applied on an area where your dog cannot reach and ensure that the treatment has dried before animals groom each other.

Fiprospot Spot On comes with the convenience of a pipette with a stand for easy application.

1 Pipette to be used per dog. Always follow instructions on the packet for correct application.

Apply every 6-8 weeks to maintain flea cover.

Suitable for dogs weighing 10-20Kg.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.5 of 5)

Andrea Mooney

We have used this and found it effective. However it is slightly more expensive than the VetUK one which is equally effective.

Sue Davey

I have used this for several months now and not had any flea issues. I found Effipro did not dry on their coats, and with a pup it was a nightmare stopping him from playing with the other dogs for hours. But this product dried quite quickly and seems to do the job well.

Karin Lovatt

Brilliant, the same protection as using Frontline, and much cheaper! Stays working in the coat even when dog is bathed regularly, as I do with my show dogs.

Julie Goldsmith

Well I don't understand it. Everyone else seems happy with this but having used it a month ago the fleas have just got worse and worse. As if I'd done nothing. I resorted to bathing with insecticidal shampoo as soon as the 4 wks were up but that only helped for a day and now they're hatching again and my dog is infested once more. I'm going to have to try something else or go back to frontline which is supposed to be the same but has always worked well so I think perhaps it's not worth trying to save that odd few quid. VetUK: It can sometimes be necessary to treat your home as well as your pet as fleas can be transferred to pet bedding and carpets which will cause your pets to become infested once again. I hope this is of some use to you and helps resolve the problem.

Laura Birkin

Great product to use to replace frontline, will work out a big saving over the years buying this instead with no sacrifice to the product quality.

Catherine Minshall

I have recommended this product as a suitable alternative to frontline, not only a good product but affordable.

Amanda Reay

Ive been using this product for 12 months on my 3 dogs as 1 of my dogs has a lot of allergies, it has been fantastic and never irritated their skin. now i order it for my mums 2 dogs and my grans dogs too.

Della Santos

I've been using Fiprospot for several months now after finding other brands caused her skin irritations. I've had no problem with this and would recommend it to anyone.

Linda De-lisle

I bought htis for my sister's dog as she was having a huge problem with fleas, and she was most impressed as the fleas rapidly departed! The dog was lying on a white sheepskin so the departing fleas were very visible. I have also used it on my cats and it was most effective.

Julia Petty

I normally use Frontline but i thought i would try these, they were slightly cheaper but do the same job, i was very happy with my purchase from vet uk wouldn't buy from anyone else i can highly recommend this product.