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Woof & Brew for Skin & Coat

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Manufacturer: Woof & Brew Ltd.

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Woof & Brew for Skin & Coat has been nutritionally balanced with all the right ingredients to ensure your dog has a healthy and shiny coat – worthy of best in show!

Made with a unique blend of burdock, dandelion, flax, nettle, rooibos and seaweed, this blend of tea is high in essential fatty acids and helps towards reducing skin allergies that can cause itchy, dry and flaking skin or excessive moulting.

Woof & Brew for Skin & Coat is also high in vitamins and minerals, iron and iodine to provide nutritional support towards coat health and pigmentation.

Designed in an easy to use biodegradable pyramid tea bag, the tea can be given as a drink or poured over your dog’s existing food.