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Woof & Brew for Fresh Breath

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Manufacturer: Woof & Brew Ltd.

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Woof & Brew for Fresh Breath is a natural and nutritious supplement to help keep your dog’s mouth and throat healthy, and free from odour.

Beneficial for the mouth and digestive system, this delicious and aromatic blend of tea reduces the production of gases in the stomach and intestinal tract, which in turn reduces the symptoms of stomach troubles, regurgitation and constipation, all of which can contribute towards bad breath.

Woof & Brew for Fresh Breath also contains key ingredients such as dill, lemongrass, ginger, fenugreek and sage, which can not only help to improve appetite, aid digestion, minimise symptoms of toothache, gum infections and ulcers, but also has a deodorising effect on the mouth.

The tea is contained in easy to use biodegradable pyramid tea bags and can be given as a drink or poured over your dog’s existing food.