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PetUK Ball Launcher Black

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Manufacturer: PetUK



PetUK Ball Launcher Dog Toy is a fantastic accessory for any dog and owner who love playing interactive throws and fetch games.

The PetUK Ball Launcher has been formulated using high impact polypropylene which allows ultimate aim and precision, making heaps of throwing and fetch fun for owner and dog alike.

The included tennis ball fits perfectly into the mouth of the PetUK Ball Launcher at arms length, making throwing the tennis ball drool free.

The PetUK Ball Launcher is approximately 38cm long.

Colour: Black

Reviews Overall rating: (4.8 of 5)

Chloé Slevin

A favourite of my own dogs, and a must have for all owners! The PetUK Ball Launcher catapults its accompanying tennis ball further than my arm ever could, and scoops it up as well so I don't have to touch a slobbery dog toy, haha. The ball itself is easily punctured so expect to replace it quickly.

Ben Rowe

The PetUK ball launcher lets me throw the ball even further for my dog, really pleased with this one!

Molly Smith

Really glad I bough this product. I have so much fun throwing the ball for my dog.

Alice Manning

A great product! I have had hours of fun with my dog thanks to the PetUK Ball Launcher.

Wilbur. G

Wow, better than expected for the price. It is brilliant. Ball goes for miles, both me and the dog really pleased.