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Kong Braidz Squeaking Monkey Dog Toy

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Manufacturer: Kong

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The Kong Braidz Squeaking Monkey Dog Toy is designed for dogs who like to tug, shake and squeak their toys.

It is made from strong but soft material that is tightly braided for extra strength which also aids in dental hygiene as it helps floss and clean your dogs teeth during play.

The toy also features an internal squeaker for extra fun.

Size Guide:
14cm (Length)
     Medium: 21cm (Length)
     Large: 34cm (Length)

Reviews Overall rating: (4 of 5)

Alex Irvine

as jenny joys review my puppy loved this - untill its head came off, but regardless my puppy played with its carcass until all that was left was the pleated body which still gets flung around. I have a love for kong products although anything thats not rubber is now not on my list of purchases as it seems my border terrier will destroy it despite it being by kong - i think all in all it lasted 48 hrs, except the body which is till going strong.... i think i have the legs under my fridge now! good fun whilst it lasted

Jenny Joy

My 12 year old springer loves this toy and it lasted really well until his head came off in a game of tug.He still carries the rest of the headless body round and I am going to buy him a new one as monkey is his favourite!