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Kong Air Squeaker Spinner

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Manufacturer: Kong

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Kong Air Squeaker Spinner is a heavy duty, high quality squeaking fetch toy. 

The spinner toy is perfect for throw/fetch games and has an irregular bounce that tests your dog's reflexes.

Due to the non-abrasive, non-toxic tennis ball material the spinner toy will not wear down your dog's teeth.  

Medium: Length - 5.5 inches

Large: Length - 7 inches

Reviews Overall rating: (2 of 5)

Jocelyn Peacock

Like the previous reviewer I am a bit rubbish at lobbing toys due to my strong arm suffering RSI and nerve problems but my two still like this toy. It's not their favourite but I purchased the large version without realising its weight; I think next time I will try the small and see if they're more interested in that (and if I can throw it any better!) I don't find that this toy squeaks quite as good as some of the other squeaking Air Kong toys I have purchased from vet UK although I'm sure the dogs could manage it - I am but a puny human after all!

Susan Williams

Now this may be entirely down to me that I am only rating it 1 star. I think you need to be a proficient discus thrower to get the best out of it. Sadly, I am not one of those so the spinner has been a little bit disappointing. I can't make it fly or spin any further than a couple of feet which is not of interest to my Golden Retriever who is looking into the distance for a good run to pick an item up. It is well made as per all Kong products and, as usual, I cannot fault VetUK for their superb service. I will stick to retrieve items on ropes to give me a reasonable chance of propelling them.