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Nina Ottosson Twister Dog Toy Interactive Game

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Manufacturer: Nina Ottosson


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Nina Ottosson Twister Dog Interactive Toy Game is a fun and rewarding plastic game for you and your dog to enjoy together.

It enhances your relationship as you show and teach your pet how to accomplish this fun twister game.Â

The Nina Ottosson Twister Dog Game requires the dog to look for treats by moving the blocks one after the other in different directions.

The treats can be stored in empty spaces hidden below the blocks.

Once your dog has learnt how to remove the blocks to gain treats, the games level of difficulty can be increased by bone shaped pegs being added to lock the blocks in place.

This will require the dog to work out how to remove the pegs .

Mixing some meaty dog food with water together and placing in to the hollow spaces before setting in the freezer is just one of many delicious ways to provide your dog with some extra activity.

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Nicki Hughes

The Nina Ottosson range of toys are excellent for building a relationship with your dog, you work together to teach them how to use the toy. They last for years so although appear expensive, they are not for the value you obtain from them. They are really good for entertaining dogs who are not able to exercise due to health conditions.