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Nina Ottosson Treat Maze Interactive Toy Game

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Manufacturer: Nina Ottosson

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Nina Ottosson Treat Maze Interactive Toy Game is a treat dispensing maze that activates and entertains your cat or dog.

Watch as your pet has to work to get the Treat Maze in motion to make it wobble, rock and spin, making the hidden treats pass through an inside maze and fall out through the openings.

The unpredictable movement of the toy keeps the toy challenging for your pet.

Make the maze more difficult once your cat or dog has got the hang of the game and place a piece of a paper towel into one of the holes to keep the game challenging.

Perfect for both slow and fast eaters.

Colour may vary.

Reviews Overall rating: (1 of 5)

Nils Coram

Unfortunately I had the same experience, once all the treats were out my pup chewed the sides off. He was savvy enough not to swallow any bits but it no longer works. When it was working I was really impressed with it, it is a fantastic invention but not sturdy enough for dogs that like to chew.

Judith Davis

I bought one of these as my dog loves his dog pyramid and I wanted an alternative to keep him occupied. He had it for an hour and a half, got all the treats out but also chewed off a lot of the trim which is made of soft plastic. He swallowed this in pieces, and 48 hours later vomited most of it up. The rest, smaller bits, passed through his system. I would not recommend anyone give this to their dog as I do not consider it is safe.