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YUM Puppy 35g

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Manufacturer: Lintbells



YUM Puppy is a unique formula specifically developed for puppies and breeding bitches.

YUM Puppy works in three important areas to support the growth and development of your puppy.

The first year of a puppy's life is crucial for building the foundations for a healthy life.

YUM Puppy contains essential ingredients to help provide a healthy canine such as, Omega 3 DHA, Beta glucans and Oligosaccharides which are vital for a healthy brain, vision development,  a healthy immune system and a good source of helpful bacteria in the digestive system.

How to use: Simply feed the following amounts on a daily basis using the 1ml scoop provided.

0-5kg 2 Level Scoops 0-5kg 4 Level Scoops
6-10kg 4 Level Scoops 6-10kg 6 Level Scoops
11-20kg 6 Level Scoops 11-20kg 8 Level Scoops
21-40kg 8 Level Scoops 21-40kg 10 Level Scoops
>41kg 10 Level Scoops >41kg 12 Level Scoops

35g Pot