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Efavet 100 Capsules

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Manufacturer: MSD Animal Health

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Efavet 330

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Efavet 660

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Efavet Capsules contains balanced levels of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) provided by a combination of Evening Primrose Oil and Fish Oil.

Effective in the treatment of dermatitis, an aid in allergic skin disorders and often used to maintain a healthy skin and glossy coat.

Following an initial 4-6 week course of Efavet 330 (for dogs & cats under 10Kg) or Efavet 660 (dogs over 10kgs) optimum coat condition can be maintained using Efavet Regular.

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Jenny Greenfield

My 10 year old Westie suddenly developed dermatitis on her back last summer. I started giving her a daily dose of EfaVet 330 and within 2 weeks her dermatitis was almost cleared up! I carried on with the Efavet 330 for another 6 weeks and changed to Efavet Regular and the dermatitis did not return. I was thrilled. Her fur has grown back to its usual thickness and I am still giving her Efavet Regular on a daily basis.