Lectade Small Animal Rehydration Powder

Lectade Small Animal Rehydration Powder

Manufacturer: Elanco Animal Health


Lectade Small Animal Rehydration Powder is a well known oral rehydration therapy for cats and dogs used to reverse the effects of dehydration and loss of electrolytes following diarrhoea.

Dogs and cats showing signs of diarrhoea should have fresh solution in place of water.

In the event of the animal refusing to drink lectade give water. Once recommended dose of lectade has been given replace with fresh water. If condition persists seek veterinary advice.

To use mix the contents of sachet A and sachet B and mix with 500ml of warm water Small dogs - up to 250ml twice a day Medium dogs - up to 500ml twice a day Large dogs - 750-1000ml twice a day Cats - 100ml three times a day.

For puppies and kittens - 25ml per kg of bodyweight. Use for 3-6 days. Change solution every 24 hours.

Price is per single sachet.



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Catherine Minshall

Have used this many times would definately recommend you have a satchet of this to hand if you have a litter of pups and should they get a tummy bug, getting this of your local vet plus the examination would cost you a lot more than this.